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The Schuco AWS 75.BS.SI Picture and tilt and turn window

A leader in innovation for system-based construction, we offer pioneering system solutions with outstanding benefits, which conform to the highest standards with regards to energy balance in conjunction with automation, security and design.

• NFRC 102-2010 U-Value 0.28 with double pane glass (5mm Cardinal 366 / 5/8” super spacer argon filled / 5mm clear

• NFRC 102-2010 U-Value 0.22 with triple pane glass (5mm Cardinal 366 / 1/2" super spacer argon filled / 4mm clear / 1/2" super spacer argon filled / 5mm clear glass

• Large sizes possible; 60” x 79” or 40” x 86” with double pane glass

• No sash visible on the exterior excellent for combination with picture window since both units look the same

• Concealed motor openers possible with remote control, wall switch or simply via window handle on a close by window; (Picture 3 Picture 4)

• Narrow profiles (Picture 1 and Picture 2)

• Easy tilt function for air ventilation and still have security

• Our window is available with a nailflange option

• Wide variety of finishes, such as anodized colors, powder coat finish, Duraflon finish





What is a tilt & turn window?

The AWS 75.BS.SI is a narrow profile tilt and turn window where one handle operates two functions. The window can either be set in a fully open position by turning the handle 90° or by turning the handle another 90° it can be set at a tilt position. The fully open position is normally used to clean the window from the inside or to allow for a large amount of air flow. Most people use the hopper function for continuous air flow. Not only is this type of opening a secure method of having continuous air flow throughout your home but it also protects against sudden rain more than a typical casement window.

Picture 1 shows the window fully open towards the inside.
Picture 2 shows the window in the hopper or tilt position.
Picture 3 shows the window closed.