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We create modern, traditional, old world cabinets and everything in between. Our project managers work closely with architects and designers to develop a perfect kitchen for every owner. All our cabinets are custom made to meet and exceed our clients every need. We are not limited to any specific door or moulding profile and we are even happy to make the interior of the cabinets match the exterior.

Picture 1:
Armor core is used for our box construction. Armor core outperforms plywood core, particle board and MDF core in almost all categories. Armor core consists of a K core plywood and a double refined MDF outer layer on the top and bottom. The benefits of using armor core are:
• Stability without sacrificing weight
• Smoothness of a composite core substrate with the lighter weight and strength of veneer core
• Ability to laminate with no telegraphing
Picture 2:
Our cabinets come with a gasket as an option to ensure a quieter close. A gasket is also ideal since it acts as a dust seal, minimizing dust build-up in the cabinet interior. Gaskets are available in an assortment of colors; please consult your personal sales representative for more information
Picture 3 and 4:
We use only the finest hinges for our cabinet doors. The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge is the best in its class. The soft close function called BLUMOTION is integrated into the hinge boss and can be deactivated via a switch. The door is capable of opening 107° and thicker doors will open collision-free due to the new pivoting point. 
Picture 5:
Our drawers are made of solid wood and finger jointed for maximum durability. We only use the highest grade of wood and offer wooden utensil dividers, wooden spice racks etc.
Picture 6 and 7:
Another options for drawers which we offer are TANDEM BOX plus BLUMOTION. This particular drawer is constructed with steel or aluminum sides and a wooden back; also available is a steel or aluminum back depending on preference. These drawers are also available for inner drawers, corner cabinets, sink cabinets, and larder units.
The benefits of this particular drawer system are:
• Unsurpassed running action using the TAMDEM running principle
• Silent and effortless closing thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION
• Full extension for a complete overview and unhindered access
• Excellent durability 
Picture 8:

Another great feature to enhance every drawer is a servo-drive. Servo-drive is the new electrical opening support system for all drawers and pull-outs which use the TAMDEM drawer glides. The servo-drive system allows the drawer or pull-out to open automatically with just a light touch on a handle-less front or a light pull on the handle. In addition, BLUMOTION will ensure a silent and effortless closing action.